Home School Agreement

At Cockington Primary School we recognise each child as an individual, and aim to give all children every opportunity to realise their full potential.  

We believe that a firm partnership between the school, parents and the child is essential if we are to achieve this aim. We therefore ask all parents and children to enter into our Home/School Agreement.

The Responsibility of the School

At Cockington Primary School we will:

  • Provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which challenges your child to reach their potential and fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • Encourage your child to keep to the school rules
  • Actively discourage all forms of bullying and discrimination and respond quickly to any bullying issues
  • Keep you informed about what we aim to teach your child
  • Give you regular information about your child’s progress, including an annual written report
  • Set regular and appropriate homework for your child
  • Make you feel welcome whenever you visit the school
  • Respond to your questions, concerns or complaints as quickly as possible

The Responsibility of Parents and Carers

All parents and carers will:

  • Accept the school’s aims and objectives and positively support the school
  • Ensure that your child attends school punctually every day during term time, unless there is a good reason for absence (eg, illness)
  • Notify the school by letter or telephone in the event of absence
  • Support the school dress code
  • Attend parent/teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress
  • Support the school’s behaviour policy
  • Keep us informed of where to contact you in case of emergency
  • Promptly inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect your child’s learning, behaviour or happiness at school

The Responsibility of the Child

I will try my best to:

  • Work hard and contribute fully in my lessons
  • Behave well at all times
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Show respect for others
  • Be honest
  • Complete my homework (including reading) on time