PE & Sports Premium

Evaluation of Primary Physical Education and Sport Premium Funding 2017-2018

The Sports Premium funding has continued to have an extremely positive impact on P.E. and Sport in Primary Schools. At Cockington Primary School this ring-fenced money was utilised to promote high quality teaching and learning in Physical Education and Sport. Our aim was to ensure that all children in the school had the opportunity to maximise their own potential and improve attainment levels in P.E. School Sport.

We continue to use a large proportion of the P.E. Premium funding in conjunction with the Torbay Sports partnership after previous successes. The partnership is linked to primary and secondary schools in our area and has vastly increased the provision and participation of P.E. at our school. The partnership enabled teaching staff to access a wide range of CPD and training, leading to increased knowledge and understanding of P.E. All pupils throughout the school had the opportunity to participate in various Sports Festivals or work with the partnership in various tournaments and activities, such as tag rugby, problem solving, multi skills, football, team building and many more. Also, the partnership continued to give us the opportunity to gain specialist support from secondary school P.E. specialists. Teachers worked closely with these specialists to improve their pedagogy. This has ensured we have an even more confident and competent staff when teaching PE. 

Some of the funding was used to employ a Sports Coach, Kendal Brown, who worked alongside the class teachers. She worked with all year groups throughout the school, delivering high quality P.E. lessons to the children. This opportunity enhanced the quality of teaching and learning and increased attitudes to P.E. and school Sport. Miss Brown left Cockington Primary at Christmas and then we employed Mr Matt Hunt who is a qualified P.E teacher and also works in the P.E Department at Torquay Boys Grammar School.

To continue to raise the profile of P.E. in school, we used the funding to buy P.E. T-shirts for all new support staff and teachers. All staff set a positive role model by wearing these tops and appropriate sportswear during P.E lessons.

This was our second year of using Sports Leaders within year five and six and it have proven to be very successful. There have been two children from each year group who have successfully run a KS1 multi-sports club with Mr Hunt, assisted with the success of all school sports days and have attended festivals to support other year groups. These children have increased the profile of child led sport leadership throughout the school.

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