Attendance & Punctuality

We recognise the need for pupils to attend school regularly and punctually in order to derive maximum benefit from the school’s curriculum. Regular attendance is essential for the academic and personal development of pupils at school.

If your child is absent from school, please inform us in person if possible or by a written note or telephone call giving the reason for your child’s absence.


Parents are encouraged to make sure that their children arrive promptly for the start of the morning session. Please do not send children to school too early, as we will not be able to supervise them.

In the mornings, the main school gates open at 8:30am and pupils may then enter the school site. Morning registration starts at 8:45am and learning begins at this point so it is vital that pupils are ready to line up at this time. At 9:00am, the gate on Avenue Road will be closed and you will need to use the intercom system next to the gate to gain access. If you arrive after 9:00am you will need to sign your child/children in and the late arrival will be recorded.

All pupils should leave the school grounds by 3:15pm unless there is a club meeting or by prior arrangement.

As a school we have taken a number of steps to try and ensure both punctuality and to raise attendance. We have pupil incentives with class awards for highest attendance; termly awards in the form of vouchers for pupils with high attendance; termly vouchers for most improved attendance and the chance to win a bike for those who manage 99-100% attendance.

We will operate a three letter system for pupils with low attendance, within which we will offer help and support in improving the attendance of your child/children.

Welfare and Attendance Officer

Miss Steph MusselwhiteAnother step we have taken is to employ Welfare and Attendance Officer, Miss Steph Musselwhite.

Miss Musselwhite works closely with the school to identify families and pupils who may need support to achieve good attendance. She works with families and parents offering guidance to help raise pupils' attendance. She is able to offer confidential home visits to further support families. If you see her at the school gates in the morning or around the school please say hello! Her role is to support you and your child achieve good attendance which in turn will help them achieve their full potential.

Holiday in Term Time

In an attempt to raise attendance at Cockington Primary School the Headteacher will not authorise any term time holiday.

Any exceptional circumstances should be put in writing to the Headteacher and an individual decision will be made.

Useful Links

Our current Attendance policy can be found on the Coast Academies Policies page.