School Improvement Priorities

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Leadership and Management

Roles and structures across the school ensure consistency, empowerment of leaders and strategic leadership.

Outstanding staff development secures the highest possible standards in teaching and learning.

School vision, values and linked behaviours encourage high expectations for all.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Understanding and effective teaching of maths mastery is consistent across the school.

The rigour of the standards and progress meetings have clear impact on children’s learning.

Assessment and feedback give maximum impact on children’s learning alongside due regard for workload.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Shared understanding of behaviour expectations ensures a consistent approach.

Attendance meets the target of 4% absence or better.

Families in need are given options of support from the school community.

Outcomes for Pupils

Maths outcomes for pupils across the school are improved.

KS2 attainment for reading, writing and maths is in line with national.

KS1 attainment for reading, writing and maths is at least in line with national.

Early Years

GLD (Good Level of Development) is brought in line with national.

Increased parental engagement results in a better shared understanding of the EYFS and how children can be supported.

Adult and child interactions during play-based learning are effective and promote a deeper understanding.

Coast Academies Key Priorities

To clarify our shared understanding of high quality teaching and learning and to provide appropriate challenge and support for our schools linked to this.

To create clear pathways for leadership development working within and beyond our own MAT

To continue to grow and develop our MAT to allow us to benefit from economies of scale, further collaboration and sharing of expertise.